Transport monitoring

I've set up monit ( to monitor the transport processes and restart them if they have failed or have exceeded a memory or cpu threshold. This should help with the (occasional) transport crash we observe, and will also avoid the slow memory leak present in all the transports.

Yahoo transport updated

I found that the yahoo transport was going a bit crazy after a running for a period of time - it would start chewing up a CPU, and using an increasing amount of ram. I've upgraded it and the xmppy library, so this should hopefully resolve the issue.

The AIM transport still slowly increases its ram usage, I still have to look into why this is. I suspect the most robust solution is to restart it periodically.

New server has been moved to a new server and to new software.

It's now running ejabberd, and newer versions of all the transports. There may be some teething bugs with these transports, so please bear with us if you have problems - I'll try to get them resolved over the next few days.


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