Server move moved hosting today. Everything except for the web clients should be working fine. Please contact an admin if you find something not working.

SSL Cert issues

The current SSL cert for expired yesterday. A new one has been ordered, but looks like it'll take a day or so to arrive, maybe longer. Apologies for the inconvenience.

We previously used an XMPP federation cert, and sometime in the last year this service was discontinued. An email was sent out at that time, including a recommendation to start using the parent service directly, but all the existing certs were effectively orphaned, so no reminder notices were sent. Yes, we should have set a reminder in our calendar :/

Server updates and reboots

We had a couple of minor outages today due to OS upgrades and a reboot for a new kernel version, and to patch ejabberd to fix an offline subscription bug.

New SSL certificate

The SSL certificate used for SSL and TLS connections was replaced today. If your client mentions the change and you want to verify it, the new fingerprint is 57:cb:a5:8f:76:08:4a:3d:25:fc:0a:37:d6:82:9e:00:51:88:97:b6

Software updates

The ICQ transport has been upgraded to a new version. It seems that development has resumed on this after at least a 1.5 year break, so this is good news.

I've also updated jwchat, the "Jabber web client" linked from the top of this page, to the latest release.

Outage today suffered from a database problem today. We're recovering from backups now, but this is taking a while. It seems there are some problems with some accounts still (mine included), so you may have to readd your roster. If in doubt, recreate your account and contact me (cuchulain at

Yahoo Transport updated

The Yahoo Transport has been updated, and now appears to work correctly. I don't have many yahoo contacts in my roster so I can't tell easily.

UPDATE: It works correctly, but has been having problems with a corrupted database. I've dumped and reimported the database, so this should be fine now, but you may need to re-register with the transport service statistics available

I've put together some graphs showing some basic statistics that are easily retrievable from ejabberd. The graphs are available at, or by following the "stats" link in the menubar along the top of the screen.

Currently I'm only graphing connected users and server to server (s2s) connections, but I'm looking at putting more up there.

Jabber web presence

I've installed mod_webpresence on This is an ejabberd module which provides presence indicators in various formats - text, image, XML, etc.

It's not enabled by default, you have to register. In order to register you will need a jabber client that supports service discovery (eg, PSI, tkabber, and so on - pidgin doesn't appear to do this). Browse for the node, hit the register link, and follow the prompts.

For more information, read

MSN Transport tweaked

The MSN transport has been updated to work around a protocol change at MSN's end. It should now work again.

Thanks to Bluecase and Glenn (Bluecase for pointing out it was failing a lot, and Glenn for pointing out the fix after I failed to discover it earlier in the day)


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