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New server has been moved to a new server and to new software.

It's now running ejabberd, and newer versions of all the transports. There may be some teething bugs with these transports, so please bear with us if you have problems - I'll try to get them resolved over the next few days.

Some points:
* The old webmsg client is still available at, and there's a new client at
* User accounts that have not been accessed in the last 180 days were not migrated. If you want your account migrated, let me know and I'll bring it across, or else just create a new one.
* If you've used your account recently - within the last 180 days - it should have been migrated.
* Your rosters should have come across, but you may have to reregister with the transport agents for ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo etc.
* There's currently 2275 registered users, and 55 online right now